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Doesn't Play Well With Others (18+L/S/V)



Disclaimer: This book is for mature audiences (18+) ONLY due to seriously excessive foul language and minor sex and violence.


     Selene Warren has it rough. After her mom passes when she's little, she gets stuck with her aunt (a crack-whore.) Life with Selene’s aunt lacks any type of love or support. Selene constantly struggles and when she turns fifteen her aunt is diagnosed with H.I.V. It soon becomes apparent that her aunt expects her to take over the family business and Selene runs for dear life.


     She manages pretty well for a couple years. One day she saves a scruffy looking kid from a window. Before she knows it she adopts a stray of her own. Life seems a bit better until Selene gets stabbed trying to protect the kid.


     Selene makes it, but discovers the kid is no normal runaway--he's the only son of a VERY rich and prominent family. A new friend comes forward to clear Selene of possible kidnapping charges, but for the life of her Selene can't figure out why the hell a rich kid would rather live on the streets than on a ritzy estate.


     Alex wants to break down the walls around Selene so badly. Selene’s life leaves her with no room to trust anyone. For as long as she can remember she’s had to rely on herself. Will Selene be able to escape her degenerate world? Because she doesn't play well with others.

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Here. Now. #DPWWO

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Selene’s Best Quotes: (Mature-Strong Language)


“Well, color me the picture of fucking responsibility.”


“Listen kid if we’re going to stick together you have to get one thing straight. I don’t like people.”


“I know that I’m screwed and I still can’t help the word vomit that spews from my mouth.”


“I won’t take dirty money and if you think it’s anything but that then you’re a fucking moron.”




“Whatever the fuck is wrong with me right now denies me the opportunity to lie like I should.”


“What the fuck’s a Thor?”







Jordan B.


#DPWWO is the twisted tale of Selene and her determination to turn her life around. Selene is a teenager who has never had a solid person to rely on and never thought she would want someone to care for. Raised by a junkie, Selene was forced to take care of herself and trust no one. Life threw her a curveball on the fateful day she met a little boy named Henry. Who could've guessed that he would be the catalyst in her giant life change. Finding Alex just ended up being the icing on her cake.


Nobody is going to ruin today for me. I have a high school diploma! Bitches can eat me!


Selene is a firecracker! She is one girl I would not want to start a fight with. She is feisty and independent. I loved rooting for her throughout all of her struggles. She was never one to be doubted for she WILL find a way. I instantly fell in love with Henry and my heart constantly broke for him. These characters pulled me in from the get go. This story played on all of my emotions and didn't disappoint in the end. I highly suggest this book to anyone who feels they have lived a hard life. The underdog always has a fighting chance!





B. Maddox


I got the privilege of receiving a advanced complimentary copy of this book.

This was the first book I have read from this author, and I'm extremely glad I read this book. #DPWWO is definitely a book for mature audiences only.

In this book, Selene has a hard life, and she is only seventeen. A chance encounter with a young boy, Henry, changes her life for forever. Through the book you meet Alex, who becomes a big part of both of their lives. You will also meet Hawke, Alice, AL, Chloe, and other characters you will adore, but their are the few characters you will definitely despise. However, in the end secrets are revealed and other complications arise.

Casey Harvell did an amazing job with this book. It's definitely dark and will have you laughing, crying, and intrigued to see what happens next. Its a must read, you don't want to miss. I can't wait to see what comes next from this author.







I so loved this book. Selene has been dealt a crap life and handles it better than most teenagers ever could. Stumbling across a little something or someone(I won't give out spoilers) unravels a whole new turn of events for her. Hell bent on not playing well with other's ;) Selene continues to move through life. Enter Alex. An unexpected spice of life. With Alex, the new turn of events, Selene enters a whole new world. Playing with others is something she learns to do, and love.

You will love this book. I did!







Doesn’t Play well with others- 5 superb stars.

I don’t normally read anything dark, not even slightly dark. I feel like the world has enough without it documented on pages, however I read this book because the concept intrigued me. I found in doing so that not only did I read it but I enjoyed it. This book isn’t the kind of dark that shreds your soul, well it does, but it quickly mends it. I was scared of Selene’s story at first but now I am so glad I read it, she is a mouthy teen who grows into a spectacular (foul) woman. She’s real, she imperfectly perfect. Selene’s story is a homeless tale, where she finds love in more than one way and learns to give it in return. She finds someone worth trusting and shows she is trustworthy. My heart broke repeatedly for Selene (& Henry) then it mended. Stronger. More durable. There is a part that leaves a few dead bodies on the floor and all I could scream during this part was “Revenge is bitch, buttercup.” It’s been very hard for books to get any emotion out of me lately, but this one done it. From one author to another, Casey you done an amazing job and I can’t wait for the Sequel.

Doesn’t play well with others, is an amazing read. It’s a timeless tale of betrayal, love, lust, endearment, & devotion. Bravo Harvell. Job well done!







From page one this book hooks you, the only reason I had to stop reading was to sleep. I even snuck reading it at work, I had to know what happens next.

There is no shortage of angst or drama in this book and PLENTY of colorful language (to put it lightly). You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire story and the twists come when you least expect them.

Well Done Casey Harvell, I can't wait for the next boom in the series.





Amazon Customer


One of the best books I have read in a long time. This book will have you hooked from beginning to end. The characters are so real and easy to relate with. An all around amazing book.

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