My Life in Reverse


There are three sides to every story: 
1) My side. 
2) Your side. 
3) My screenshots. 

You never loved me. 
You loved the idea of me. 
You loved saying I belonged to you, and trying to enforce it. 
You loved controlling me. 
You loved manipulating me. 
You even loved hurting me. 
But you never loved me. 

You loved what I could give you. 
You loved everything you took from me. 
You loved saying it was yours. 
You loved to break me down. 
You loved to break my heart. 
You loved to use things I love as a weapon against me... 
But you never loved me. 

For a long time, I thought that it was my fault. 
That I was lacking. 
That I could control how you treated me. 
I tried to please you. 
I tried to conform. 
It damn near killed me. 
But it didn't work. 

This is a New Adult Romance and contains strong language, violence and sexual situations. It is not recommended for persons under eighteen years of age.

narcissistic abuse syndrome

The non-fiction counterpart to My Life in Reverse, take a look into the cycle of Narcissistic Abuse tactics. Knowledge is power and often victims are unaware of what goes on around them until they're too deeply involved. This book is designed to educate victims (and those who care about them) about the situation and how to reclaim themselves once more.


Knowledge is power. Learn more here.


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