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The Wrong Way

My Life in Reverse

New Adult Romace (18+)

The Electric Series

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The Decisions Series

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New Adult Romance

(18+ L/S/V/Adult Situations)

New Adult Romance

(18+ L/S/V)

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Both the Electric Series & the Decisions Series are now available in paperback - that's all three books in one book! Each series sold separately. 


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War on Myself

Faith Johnson finds her name ironic lately—mostly because she has no more faith in anything. Her family was close-knit until her father was killed in a car accident. Unfortunately, he took Faith’s mother’s sanity with him. Faith’s life is suddenly onslaught with responsibilities that she never expected. Even more, a loneliness that forges a deep depression she doesn’t know how to handle. Jase Campbell has the world at his fingertips and doesn’t want any of it.

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